We are usually asked about:

Q: Do you replace broken glass?

A: No, not in domestic applications.

Q: Do you carry out repairs to timber windows?

A: No, we generally suggest that you engage a carpenter

Q: Do you supply spare parts?

A: No, we do not hold stocks of parts, but we will source parts & install them

Q: Do you repair steel windows?

A: Generally not, as we do not have tooling for many of the spare parts. We can replace the winders only on steel-framed windows

Q: Do you warrant your repairs?

A: Our conditions of quotation states that we warrant our workmanship for 6 months & parts are covered under the manufacturers’ warranties.

Q: Do you do repairs on domestic windows?

A: generally we do not, unless there are several windows & doors involved. Quite often spare parts are an issue because many window manufacturers are no longer in business and we need to visit the site to indentify parts required.

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